Privacy Policy

Game Universe Genesis uses only your Facebook ID number, and only in cases that you entered the game through Facebook.
The number is saved to your player/pilot account and is visible only to admins.
The Number is needed because the browser/game needs to know which pilot info should be displayed to you when you enter the game.

Facebook name and Photo

We do not require your name nor photo. We are not saving it nor needing it. You can play the game even without Facebook.
When you are entering the game from Facebook, Facebook asks you for giving us some rights. You don\'t have to give them to us.


We will ask you for your email later in game, but you are not forced to give your email. You will be able to play even without giving us your email address.
Your email is visible only to admins and is used by you when you have lost your password.


How ever when you are first entering the game, we ask you to enter name. This name is a PILOT name - that means you can put here what ever you want, your nickname, name of your dog. It is just a nick that all players will see and call you with.